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Some parts of Christianity and Messianic Judaism need to realize that all four parts of the LGBT are in and of themselves legitimate and accurate and real and okay. Chapter seven: I found nothing I disagree with in this chapter. Christians tend to believe in a Triune God, whereas I do not. Normally, I try to be open-minded about the beliefs of someone else, but this book already had a couple anti-gay parts by the time I felt the urge to throw in the towel come page Couples in marriage ceremonies often merge two candles into one, symbolizing the two becoming one flesh. As within the Trinity, relations between marriage partners are characterized by self-giving, unconditional loving, mutual affirmation, promoting the welfare of the other, and sheer delight at being together.

As happily married couples can testify this rich union often is experientially felt. This is where I began skim-reading for the rest of the book; from page on until the end of the epilogue. There were also questions throughout this book that were clearly aimed for a minister or faith formator. One that stuck out to be as rather odd was at the end of the intro. This is fine, but I, for one, will not be endeavoring to see kingdom life communities springing up left and right. I walk away from this book feeling insulted, actually.

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The epilogue listed numerous groups of people, but conveniently left out the LGBT; so I conclude that the Kingdom Life and this form of Spiritual Formation is only for those whom are capable of being sexually aroused by the opposite sex and find no arousal whatsoever for the same sex. I give this one star and suggest that every copy be used to start a campfire because this is not the way of God.

My notes: May 14th, Pg , I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a book that, in my opinion, had one over-arching point. The idea of spiritual formation. It talks about spirital formation in different contexts. Not only personally, but in communities of faith, such as churches.

The Secret to Kingdom Life

The authors of this book really go to argue that churches today are not doing enough to get people to live as Christians. It's the idea that churches have people baptized and to believe to save their souls, but it's more of a quick fix until they meet G I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the idea that churches have people baptized and to believe to save their souls, but it's more of a quick fix until they meet God. This book argues that the church needs to do more, to basically practice what's being preached to them, and getting them to apply the teachings of the Gospel to their life.

What Is the Kingdom of God According to the Bible?

One of my favorite parts of this book is the idea they bring out of resurrection life. As a training pastor, I will say that this reminds me of the book of Romans, Ch 6, where the Apostle Paul outlines the idea of being dead to sin through faith in Jesus Christ, but alive in Christ through our faith.

Hence the idea that through our faith, we not only share in His crucifixion, but also share in his resurrection. In the Bible, Paul argues that you should sin no more. The author doesn't talk about this necessary, but it creates a eschatological tension of the already, but not yet. I want to reiterate that I really, really enjoyed this book.

It makes a really good point about the church, and improvements that it can make. Dec 14, Jeff Noble rated it it was ok. This book is an important one. Each chapter is a needed read for leaders and churches wanting to truly embrace discipleship and the intentional spiritual formation of Christians. To that extent, it disappointed. My other This book is an important one. Nor does it describe churches or ministries that have organized around the principles. The last three chapters, I had to use toothpicks to hold open my eyelids.

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Oct 18, Rob rated it liked it Shelves: spiritual-direction. Not a lot of new concepts for me, but a good overview all in one place. A few of the chapters could be standalone resources to introduce people to certain topics e. Theology of suffering, or political theology. This book is informative, and convicting. It made me cry several times. There are some parts that I disagree with, but on the whole it was good.

This is a great book with really good insights into spiritual formation. I highly recommend it! Dec 09, Timothy L. I started out in this book really enjoying it. Yes, it is a compilation and not all the authors have as wide an experience, or as good of writing skills Up until half way through the book I was impressed. Dallas Willard to be sure has an interesting perspective: that the KOG is a now-reality as well as an eventuality. Willard perhaps has more content written touching the KOG than almost any modern writer. His view is deeply rooted in spiritual dis I started out in this book really enjoying it.

His view is deeply rooted in spiritual disciplines and spiritual formation, where truth becomes a living dynamic in a person. As I wont to do with any book I marked this one heavily, early on.

Secret Place in Kingdom Life II ( Part 1 )

But as I got to the second have, my admiration grew cold. What Willard, Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol and Bill Hull started out with Spiritual Formation and a now-reality kingdom over and against a purely conversionist gospel were all that is left to do after we passively believe is die and be with Jesus; changed to the liberal, multiculturist, racist worried, humanist ideals. Whats worse is that then we have to delve into why all this stuff supports trinitarian theology and other religious philosophies By the time I got to page , I begun to peruse rather than read.

I don't think Willard is a waterboy for liberal thinking and ideals. I don't know the exact story of why he was involved with the book or the project behind it. There is precious little teaching about the kingdom of God that doesn't play into the false dichotomy that exists around its common understanding. Either one is asked to believe that KOG is in the hereafter or it is about making the unregenerate world a better place.

Willard's teaching I have always felt did not play into this dichotomy. But yet in this book, he will be seen as accepting the liberal view I had high hopes for this book but by the end was more than ready to set it down. I would not recommend it. I am questioning whether to even quote it in some of my work for fear people would get the wrong idea about what I am trying to say.

Aug 20, Derek Winterburn rated it really liked it Shelves: theology. I saw Now I'm Gonna Do It! Wreck the entire house Jesus! Not one soul leaving the same!! In Jesus name Amen!! Spread the word!!!! Your family is invited! Kingdom Life members we love and appreciate you. We can't do things like this without you! Shout out to our awesome senior Pastor Bishop Gary E. Wright for pushing us to reach out and show Christ's love to others!!! Kingdom Life Outreach today!

It is with great honor that we announce that our very own Dr. Farris Long has been publicly set apart for the Bishopric as a "Bishop-Designate. Community Prayer Walk Today was awesome. We went through the neighborhoods surrounding our church Knocked on doors and simply asked people if there was anything we could pray with them and their family about! Most people were very receptive and expressed gratitude and excitement to see a church showing love and reaching out to the community. We are excited about an awesome weekend starting this Saturday morning at Wear your Kingdom Life t-shirt and come to the church ready to hit the streets and pray for the community.

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