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Flat Top-Level Comments Only. May I say that I absolutely love your analyses of the episodes? I've been a Due South fan for years, but you've given me some insights I didn't catch the first 5 or 6 times around :. Link Reply. I think that this was probably the high-point of my day which may say more about the day Truly delightful.


Your tie-in of Buffy at the end was a lot of fun. I don't suppose we might see some similar analysis of that show at a later date? This is the thing I absolutely adore about this episode and have harped on it at length with friends. Fraser's version of drag respects women, instead of mocking them, as most drag on TV does. Not all, just most- it's nearly always played for laughs and the joke is usually on women.

Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. Link Reply Thread from start Parent. This is great, thank you! I'm eagerly anticipating your future commentaries. My theory about Fraser's dance abilities is that there's a large difference between being able to waltz "Invitation to Romance" and do, let's face it, somewhat dorky though acceptable disco, and being able to shake it onstage at a concert. I think it's very in-character for Fraser to know dance steps and so on without really being able to get down. Similarly, there's also the rehash, in the season 3-or-4,-depending episode "Odds", of Fraser's poker skills.

I'm inclined to give the writers the benefit of the doubt here as well, and say that Fraser's pulling his coworkers' legs by pretending not to know how to play when we've seen him in action in "You Must Remember This" - surely the fact that he can recite the whole etymology of the word "poker" kind of makes his "crowded home"s unlikely? Still doesn't explain why Huey isn't mentioning that past game, but hey, maybe they had a side bet running. I made a throughly undignified yipping noise when I saw you'd posted a new one: looking forward to the next, but in the meantime, thanks for all the awesome.

What a fantastically insightful commentary, and on one of my favorite shows, too! Great read.

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Hey there! I really like how you've examined Benton Fraser as a person whose behaviour is a deliberate choice as opposed to being his natural personality. Your theory that Benton may be a recovered alcoholic is intriguing. I was wondering if you might write a piece on that.

How is DS lacking in continuity? How does this affect the series for better or worse? Gosh I am slow to catch up on this show. And probably will continue to be. So we have an ongoing conversation in our household about when it stopped being funny to simply stick a guy in a dress.

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That's not funny. And they don't need to do anything else to make it funny. I think this episode is an interesting mile-marker in that conversation, because, as you say, it skips all the usual shtick. But also: the bits that are funny about it are self-aware of what they're doing. It's funny, not that Fraser is wearing makeup and earrings with his uniform, but that he has only done half of the necessary coding switch and is comfortable enough that he's forgotten.

It's funny in the same way that it would be funny if I was changing out of a two-piece ball gown and into casual clothing and had a flannel shirt over a taffeta skirt. And oh my, does that ever look like social progress from here. Most Popular Tags 5 things - 65 uses ankle you are very stupid - 44 uses auctioneering - 37 uses bear - 36 uses bibliographic data - 80 uses blogging elsewhere - 40 uses bone key - 32 uses books - 71 uses cats - uses con-going - 50 uses corambis - uses digging my own grave - 90 uses doctrine of labyrinths - 51 uses dog-paddling to mordor brb - 33 uses due south - 60 uses essays - 31 uses feminism is the radical notion - 48 uses geekerific - 38 uses goblin emperor - 85 uses have you met my species?

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In governing his life by his own madness, he will be pushed to insanity? Read more Read less. About the Author Perchitti works in law enforcement.

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Darrgah O'Connor continues to look at the Invasion Angle indepth in part three of this series. They also preview the edition of Best of Super Juniors. The Wrestling Rewind Ep Darragh O'Connor looks back into his archive and takes a deeper look at the Invasion PPV that became a turning point in the Invasion angle. The Wrestling Rewind - 30 - 04 - Darragh O'Connor gives you a very special episode of the Rewind. Kris Wolf had her farewell card at Pro Wrestling:EVE at the weekend, James Truepenny goes back in his interview archive to read you a wonderful story of someone who found themselves thousands of miles away from home.

Freland's Wrestling Rewind Ep. Mike Freland catches you up on all the news in pro wrestling. Atsushi Onita really did change the way pro wrestling was presented in Japan this week James Truepenny looks at his career and the start of his greatest achievement; FMW. James and Chelsea dive in on a loaded card and pay tribute to the retiring K9 Kris Wolf. Mike Freland goes in depth on the Post Wrestlemania landscape.


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James Truepenny takes a look at the history of gimmick matches including a detailed look at the evolution of the Cage Match, how the Scaffold Match came to prominence and recommends some Hair vs Hair classics. This is the Truepenny Show Channel after all, hair is important. James is joined by noted interviewer and commentator Lola Bradbury to discuss the state of women's wrestling and her own career in pro wrestling.

It is Wrestlemania Week Mike and Darragh go through Wrestlemania Week and talk about the big matches and big angles from the show. James Truepenny explores the roots of Hardcore wrestling in this week's show, and looks at The Detroit approach to pro wrestling in the Rough Guide to Violence. NJ Cup final. Frelands Wrestling Rewind Ep. AEW and a whole lot more!

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James walks through the Quarter final matches of the New Japan Cup and answers listeners questions. Freland's Wrestling Rewind Part Covering the first and second round. Freland's Wrestling Rewind - Mike Freland talks the big news from the last seven days on Freland's Wrestling Rewind. New Japan go back to their roots for their 47th Anniversary.