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Lewin , 74 Haw.

The Nature of Marriage

Opponents of same-sex marriage make three main arguments against it: the definition-of-marriage argument, the moral tradition argument, and the pragmatism argument. The definition-of-marriage argument goes to basic social and cultural assumptions.

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Opponents claim that marriage is necessarily the union of heterosexual couples and therefore cannot include same-sex couples. Thus, any statute that describes marriage could have only contemplated heterosexual couples, even if the statute does not use the specific terms husband and wife. In Jones v. Hallahan , S.

Moral Theology

Proponents of same-sex marriage argue that courts have not been presented with "authority to the contrary" because gays and lesbians have been ignored by historians. Major research on gay and lesbian history and anthropology has led some historians and legal scholars to conclude that Western and non-Western cultures have recognized same-sex relationships. In European history, stigmatizing and closeting of gays and lesbians started at the end of the medieval period and the beginning of the growth of nation-states.

Thus, the North American continent was colonized at a time when same-sex relationships had lost their cultural and legal protection.

Opponents of same-sex marriage who make the moral tradition argument state that defining marriage to include only heterosexual couples is justified to preserve family values and traditional ethical notions. They point to passages in the Bible that either affirm heterosexual marriages Adam and Eve or denounce homosexual practices Sodom and Gomorrah.

The U. Supreme Court echoed the moral tradition argument in its ruling that criminal SODOMY laws are not unconstitutional, suggesting that "millennia of moral teaching" supported a state's right to forbid homosexual acts Bowers v.

Hard-wick , U. Hardwick and held that a Texas statute making it a crime for two persons of the same sex to engage in certain intimate sexual conduct was unconstitutional, as applied to adult males who had engaged in consensual act of sodomy in the privacy of home. Another argument often raised with moral tradition is that heterosexual marriage is based on the need to procreate, something that same-sex couples cannot do. Proponents of same-sex marriage point out that heterosexual couples who cannot procreate are not denied a marriage license. Elderly, disabled, and infertile individuals may choose to marry for reasons other than procreation.

Critics of the moral tradition argument contend that it is based on misguided readings of the Bible and history. They note that many religious leaders support same-sex marriage and that many same-sex couples solemnize their relationship in a religious ceremony performed by a minister or rabbi. The pragmatism argument against same-sex marriage is typically made by those who support gay and lesbian rights generally but stop short of endorsing same-sex marriage.

The call for marriage, they maintain, will create a backlash against the entire gay and lesbian rights movement. The marriage was usually—but not always—performed within a few days after the granting of the license. In many localities both the marriage license and the marriage return see below are found recorded together.

Marriage Application — In some jurisdictions and time periods, law required that a marriage application to be filled out before a marriage license could be issued. In such situations, the application often required more information than was recorded on the marriage license, making it especially useful for family history research.

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Marriage applications may be recorded in separate books, or might be found with the marriage licenses. The age at which an individual required consent varied by locality and time period, as well as whether they were male or female.

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Commonly, this might be anyone under the age of twenty-one; in some jurisdictions, lawful age was sixteen or eighteen, or even as young as thirteen or fourteen for females. Most jurisdictions also had a minimum age, not allowing children under the age of twelve or fourteen to marry, even with parental consent. In some cases, this consent may have taken the form of a written affidavit, signed by the parent usually the father or legal guardian.

Alternatively, the consent may have been given verbally to the county clerk in front of one or more witnesses, and then noted along with the marriage record. Affidavits were also sometimes recorded to affirm that both individuals were of "legal age. Marriage Contract or Settlement —While much less common than the other marriage record types discussed here, marriage contracts have been recorded since colonial times.

The number of painful discussions I personally endured two years ago when I moved in with my own boyfriend can be counted on one hand. My fridge is littered with wedding announcements from couples who are engaged and lived together for years.

From Annie Hall to Friends to Girls , it seems everybody has been moving in with their significant others, but science told us it was hardly a good idea. Instead of making a conscious decision to share an entire life together, couples who shared a dog, a dresser, a blender, were picking marriage over the inconvenience of a break up. Others blamed the types of individuals who were moving in together as the reasons so many of those unions resulted in divorce.

It took a more free-thinking individual to violate the moral standards depicted in shows like Leave it To Beaver and The Brady Bunch.

What Is the Definition of Marriage?

It took a risk taker to sit down at the kitchen and tell their parents that they were moving in with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Now, Wilcox argues that cohabitors represent a broader swath of the public. Many more couples view cohabitation as a step toward marriage, not a rebellion against it. Experts warn that waiting for an appropriate age to commit to someone is still no substitute for communication.

Couples who live together before marriage enjoy a companion and a teammate, but sometimes, Jay warns, couples stay in relationships longer than they should because once they live with someone, it can be harder to find the escape hatch. The risks of unplanned pregnancy are also increased for women who chose to live with their partners before marriage.