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Questions might include: What clues show you the position of the author? Point to the evidence presented in the book. What reasons does the author give for reform? What examples support these reasons? What is the purpose of this piece?

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What are the clues that tell you about this? What does the author propose as reform? What evidence is given? What do you predict happened next? What are the clues that make you think so?

Group Discussion Preface the discussion with the comment that Upton Sinclair was largely unhappy with the reaction to his book. Why did Sinclair think his novel would help lead to a wider revolution of the working class in America? Why was the working class reluctant to push for more government regulation of labor conditions in the U. Formative Assessment Give students an exit card on which they explain several reasons why Sinclair wrote his book and also why he was disappointed with the reactions of readers.

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Activity 2. Have students read a background essay on the role of Harvey Washington Wiley focus on paragraphs 3—5 Have students work in small groups to read both essays and answer the set of questions below Questions for the poster might include: When was Theodore Roosevelt president? What message does the large photograph in the center convey? What ideas are conveyed by the other pictures? What does the quote from Roosevelt mean? How does it relate to the overall message of the poster? What sentence in the text relates to the book The Jungle?

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Questions for the Wiley article What information do we learn from the first paragraph that is relevant to this lesson? Do you think it is important that Wiley had a medical degree and taught chemistry?

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We wanted to know where students were living and if they were displaced, what they might need. From those phone calls, counselors followed up with compassion calls, starting with those families who were displaced due to flooding. We assured the caregivers that we will be there to support their child and their family.

We met as a staff one day prior to welcoming students back so that our faculty could reconnect and share their stories. Our leadership team normalized our feelings of fear, anger, confusion, guilt, gratitude, frustration, grief and loss. We decided to keep our first day re-do happy and routine.

Teachers continued their getting-to-know-you activities, greeted our children at the door with a handshake or a hug, and wore smiles bigger than the storm ever dreamed of being, like they always do. I stood at the front door with my ukulele welcoming students with song. Students led our morning announcement and we launched into our day with enthusiasm and joy.

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The leadership team delivered birthday pencils to all of those who celebrated their special days during the detour. Then we made a plan for checking in on all of our storm survivors.

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We knew that if we kept it real, our students would be comfortable and comforted. Thanks to the generosity of our community, school supplies and backpacks were donated to our displaced students. It was empowering for them to pick out the one that they wanted. From the phone calls, I knew who needed clothing, socks and shoes. Teachers led Morning Meetings and encouraged talk time with their students.

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Some were sad. Some were angry.