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Michael's Church, Kate discovers a child ill from drinking unpasteurized milk, Christmas is near and Kate Rowan has arranged for Danny Parkin, who is very ill, to come home from hospital during When a dance at the village hall is disturbed by a gang of rockers from Whitby, Nick is called in to investigate Joe Norton and two of his friends terrorize Aidensfield.

Greengrass meets his match when Flo, a seemingly warm Greengrass organizes a high-stakes dart match with his very skilled nephew as one of the players, and Nick's mother New homeowners in Aidensfield are the victims of vandalism, and the police look for a reported peeping tom Nick becomes involved with the local schoolteacher and his wife Sophie. Though only in her 40s, she is experiencing Police constable Ventress witnesses a UFO during an electrical storm.

Meanwhile, Greengrass wins a luxury cruise in Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

S4 : E8 Fair Game. S4 : E9 Red Herring. S4 : E10 Arms and the Man. S4 : E11 Treading Carefully. S4 : E12 Bad Blood. Anti-abortion campaigners hope the court battles will prompt the US supreme court to reconsider the landmark decision Roe v Wade , which legalized abortion.

The laws are all expected to be challenged in court, and are highly unlikely ever to go into effect. While states have long sought to heavily regulate abortion, outright bans on the procedure were once rare. Nevertheless, abortion care has not always remained accessible.

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Highly restrictive state regulations have driven many clinics out of business. The series initially revolves around the work of a group of police officers in the fictional town of Ashfordly and the village of Aidensfield in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

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The series was originally based on the '"Constable"' books written by former policeman Peter Walker, under the pen-name Nicholas Rhea. The title Heartbeat was chosen to represent "the bobby 's beat and the medical connotations of the word 'heart'" [6] "bobby" being British slang for a police officer from Robert Peel , and "medical connotations" referring to the medical themes that have featured regularly in the show since its inception.

Berry also sings Heartbeat' s theme song — the Buddy Holly song of the same name. Berry's recording reached number 2 on the UK singles chart in In later series, the role of the village policeman continued to be central to the storyline but the main cast were listed in alphabetical order in the opening credits, reflecting the show's evolution into an ensemble drama. In the series no fewer than twelve regular actors had their names and faces included in the opening credits— at the time a record for any British series.

In series 18 —10 this had increased to thirteen.

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The record has since been broken by Holby City , which during the later stages of its —10 series had sixteen regular actors appearing and listed in the opening credits. The show rarely features political storylines, though occasional references to the counterculture movement are made during some episodes. Sixties pop music is prominent, forming the soundtrack to the show, as well as some s records.

Although its storylines regularly involved serious crime and human tragedy, later series of Heartbeat dealt with these themes in a relatively cosy and comfortable manner compared to more modern TV police dramas, and much of the grittiness and social realism of the early series disappeared, though "Another Little Piece Of My Heart" series 16 was preceded by a viewer discretion warning for "containing scenes of domestic violence ".

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Both faced initial suspicion from the villagers, but over the course of the series came to be accepted as part of the community. The stories focused almost entirely on the experiences of the two main characters.

The build-up to the wedding of Sandra and Alan, two youngsters from the village, provided a running thread through the first series. However, Sandra and Alan were never seen, or even mentioned, after the first series. Once the characters had settled in, subsequent series focused more on criminal and medical storylines, with a greater role for the other policemen at the Ashfordly station, who had appeared in the first series but only as quite minor supporting characters.

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Various new characters were introduced along the way, such as Gina Ward played by Tricia Penrose , who would eventually become landlady of the Aidensfield Arms village pub, The Goathland Hotel. During the filming of series 4 Niamh Cusack , who played Dr Rowan, became pregnant. In attempts to keep her to continue with the series the show's producers offered to write a new child character into the storyline. Before filming for series 5 began Cusack decided that the prospect of motherhood meant it was time for her to leave the cast of Heartbeat and hence her character was "killed off" in The two married and emigrated to Canada, and the central role of local Aidensfield bobby subsequently changed hands several times—as did the role of Aidensfield doctor.

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These and numerous other changes to the cast that took place over eighteen series are detailed at List of Heartbeat characters. Two regular characters survived from the first series right through to the 18th and final series: police-sergeant-turned-pub-owner Oscar Blaketon played by Derek Fowlds and police constable Alf Ventress William Simons. Constable Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon , another original, was written out of the show in Series 17 at his own request after he was shot dead.

The recurring character of local landowner Lord Ashfordly Rupert Vansittart lasted through all 18 series, and Gina Ward Tricia Penrose , who was introduced early in the second series, was also present until the end. Other characters such as Vernon Scripps appears regularly and is mentioned when he is not in the episode.

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Most episodes from later series follow a fairly similar structure. The main storylines are generally to do with criminal activity and related medical matters, and personal traumas.

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  4. Typically one or more crimes take place, which are investigated by the Aidensfield police and the other policemen from the Ashfordly Police Station. The villains are almost always apprehended by the end of the episode, and usually appear for one episode only. In parallel, the regular " lovable rogue " character of the day—a role originally filled by Claude Greengrass, played by Bill Maynard —drives a sub-plot which acts as light and sometimes comic relief. Typically this sub-plot involves a doomed money-making scheme, or a business venture that falls foul of the law. Other regular local characters get involved in the main plot or sub-plot in one way or another, with the Aidensfield Arms and Aidensfield Garage featuring prominently.

    The character of Greengrass remained in the show from its inception until December , when Maynard was forced to leave because of poor health though he would later return in the first series of spin-off, The Royal , in Storylines are mostly self-contained and usually resolved within the episode, but character and relationship development can take place over several episodes and series.

    The series was filmed at various locations around North Yorkshire. These include shots on the moors and frequent mentions of local roads like the A Exterior scenes of Aidensfield are filmed in the village of Goathland in North Yorkshire, with the village's railway station also appearing occasionally. Other prominent filming locations include Whitby , Otley and Scarborough. The "Heartbeat: Changing Places" special includes location filming in Canada and two series 18 episodes were filmed on location in Queensland, Australia.