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Now for the book I can honestly say that this is my favorite book in this series I read it all in one go. This is also the only book that had me wiping tears off my face from beginning to end Plenty of Sloane's books have made me cry, but not from the beginning to the last page. Thankfully there were also some really bright and loving parts ; Not to mention HOT parts.

Beck 19 is Cade and Rafe's son for those of you who have read Rafe's book. He has been struggling with depression for most of his life. He is about to spend his summer in Montana working on a ranch.

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But before he gets there Brody is a politician's son and 3 years ago he finally escaped the clutches of his family and jumped out of the closet. He is working as a paramedic, but he also has a small construction business on the side. He is happy living out and proud and doing what he always wanted. The only thing he misses from his former life is his twin brother Nathan.

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Quinn is a rancher. Two years ago, his happy life was ripped apart. Now he just goes to gay bars for hook-ups, because he isn't interested in something more. He already had his happily ever after And let me tell you All three of them are surprised by how good it felt being together that way. But none of them are as surprised as Beck. Things weren't supposed to be like this for him That was supposed to be the end for the three of them, but faith isn't done with them yet. Things aren't easy though. Beck has a lot of baggage he carries around. My heart and the hearts of both his men broke when he finally confessed his story They were so perfect together though You can feel their connection right from the start and you just know that they belong together.

Finding Hope Through the Resurrection of Christ

I loved every second of it. It hurt so good. The sex scenes between these three men were amazing. They were very hot, yet so loving and intimate and I kind of felt like a peeping Tom I also loved reading about all the old couples. All Sloane Kennedy's men are connected in some way and I love being a secret part of this awesome family she created.

I can't wait to see what's next. I also hope we'll be getting a book about Nathan, Brody's brother. Pretty please???? View all 32 comments. Mar 09, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: age-gap , comfort-reads , mm , hurt-comfort , rape-abuse. Re-read November Still one of my favorite Sloane Kennedy's. Quinn is a 33 year old cowboy, looking for a hookup in a club. When he spots the young man walking towards him, he knows he has to have him. When the two are walking towards a bathroom stall, their eyes lock with a stranger and sparks seem to fly.

The three end up having hot and heavy sex, but afterwards, the young guy seems to panic and flees. He was out looking for a hookup to escape the demons in his head. Especially not with two men instead of one. Neither man expected to see the other one again. But Beck has some serious issues regarding big men and sex.

Finding Hope

Quinn and Brody need a lot of patience in dealing with him. I really liked this. Beck was hurting so much, and Quinn and Brody were so sweet with him, and each other. I liked how these men fell in love with each other at the same time. Lot of communication in this one, no crazy misunderstandings.

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What I really like in Sloane Kennedy's books is that all her characters are hurting in some way, but somehow the angst never feels overwhelming to me. It is like they all take turns in comforting each other's hurt. It is so very well done! The sexy times were plentiful, but definitely not too much.

It had the perfect balance between smut and plot. I absolutely loved it. View all 5 comments. Shelves: read-in , m-m-m , part-of-a-series , m-m , pages , hot-hot-hot , loved-it , the-best , m-m-favorite , menage. Wow, this book was phenomenal! This is one of my favorite MMM stories! I've read it in one sitting and loved it so much!!! Mar 10, Christelle rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-unltd , mm-hot-hot-hot , part-of-series , mm-age-gap , m-m-m , mm-cowboys.

But also with Quinn and Brody, 2 older guys he previously met one night in a bar and had a sexual and quite unforgettable encounter with. All three men have baggage from their past, but most of all Beck, the quiet, depressed and skittish Beck. And it leads to a beautiful journey for the 3 of them. What a clusterfuck!! View all 16 comments. Mar 06, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , lgbtq. I loved this I gave up sleep and any semblance of sleeping to finish this in one hit.

It was beautiful, tragic and compassionately written. Such a difficult topic, handled with care. At one stage I needed tissues and kept telling myself this is fiction - but my reality reminded me that this trauma happens in RT as well.

The chemistry between these three characters was intense and so compelling Quinn fed off Beck, Br I loved this I adored their romance and respect for each other. View 2 comments.


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Mar 07, Jaime rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , m-m-full-of-feelz , m-m-new-beginnings , 5-star , male-male-romance , m-m-contemporary-romance , alpha-book-club-reviews , hell-yeah-read-this , levelheat , m-m-cowboy-fun. This is my first book of this series, although I had no trouble falling quickly down the rabbit hole and loving this story, in addition to welcoming characters from another well-known series, The Protector's. So, don't worry if you have not read books in the series, I hadn't and I was just fine.

While these aspects don't "take over" the story, this is a romance after all. I always enjoy alternating well plotted POV stories as it allows the reader to get inside everyone's head and fully understand all the intricacies of the characters. I am a sucker for cowboys so I loved that aspect. Since I grew up riding horses, I appreciate the accuracy that Ms.

Anxiety & Depression: Finding Hope With Michelle Williams

Kennedy detailed different aspects of ranch life and the equestrian way of living. The character's in this story initially meet while letting off some steam. When they part ways, none of them ever expect to see the other again Throughout the story, these three Beck, Quinn, and Brody learn to trust each other and fall in love. This is no easy thing as all of these men are broken and bring a past full of hurt, hate, loss, grief, and loneliness - each one has a unique past, but all the same, they all need love and hope. Which they quickly find comes in all forms, and is found when you are least looking for it..

While getting to know the MC and reading the book. This story is full of passion and heat.. Such a simple word and yet it was changing everything for me. Colors seemed brighter, food tasted better…the list was endless. Normal was relative. My thoughts on the matter…so be it. In addition, I can't wait for her next story - I have included the character tree created by Sloanne Kennedy, this shows you the overlap and intricate weaving of world's that Ms.

Kennedy has created and continues to build on View all 4 comments. May 17, Vanna rated it really liked it Recommended to Vanna by: Dia. Shelves: hot-sizzling-steamy , emotional-angst , threesome-mmm-mmf-mfm.

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My first Sloane Kennedy book and I really loved it. How can someone like that still be able to smile and move on, is the true testament to Beck's strength. In the beginning it did feel like Beck was too fra 4 Stars!! In the beginning it did feel like Beck was too fragile, but towards the end one could see him come out of the darkness and no longer feel as fragile.

I wish we got to know a little more about Quinn and Brody, the story was more centered around Beck.