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I see where careful strategies can come from. One heavy character has a grapple hook ability that drags an enemy in, which combined with AOE attacks from other teammates could end up being an effective strategy. Each character has a ground slam ability, which could result in some exciting jump-down assaults from parties onto populated control points.

In our game, though, everyone was kind of button-mashing in enclosed spaces. The support classes seem to give it a little more structure—healing and shield abilities help break up the action so not everyone is brawling at once. But even though I found that the melee attacks felt good, nothing in our match seemed to coalesce.

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Phil Savage: After one round of Bleeding Edge, I've gained a new appreciation for how good Overwatch is at helping you parse its chaos. Not only was there a lot happening here, but there was very little feedback given about how much impact I was making. According to the end-of-match report, I got the most kills of anyone on our team. I didn't feel that while playing.

Phil: I hit a couple of big ults as a heavy character, resulting in significant damage to the enemy team. I wish the game was a bit more "fuck yeah, you did that" about it. It was just three lanes leading to each capture point with a few upper pathways accessible by jump pads to allow for flanking maneuvers. It meant our match was largely decided by which team had more players on a point.

The best starting characters are Buttercup, Makutu, Miko and Zero-Cool

Phil: I struggled a bit with the round structure, although I think that's more a lack of familiarity than a fundamental flaw. Our team proved pretty good at winning team fights, but were less successful at locking down multiple control points—a problem that was exacerbated by points periodically being locked out and resetting.

Ultimately, it feels like my team lost because two of my teammates were more interested in hosting selfie videos about how they were playing Bleeding Edge than capping point C after it became available. In fairness, this is largely representative about how most objective-based multiplayer games play out when solo queueing. Clearly there's a lot still that we're unsure of, although I have to admit even around my misgivings I still got into the competitive aspect and enjoyed trying to win the big teamfights.

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Was there anything else that you particularly liked or thought showed promise? James: Unlike Sam, I dig the character designs. Maeve is a creepy older woman with a bony arm designed to harass. She can trap enemy players in a big bird cage, which is an eccentric, satisfying move.

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Zero Cool looks like a smug Twitch streamer that floats around in a chair and tinkers around on his phone all the while. I spent most of my session as Buttercup, whose legs have been replaced with a massive rubber wheel.

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She can fall forward and uses her sawblade as an improvised front wheel to become a human motorcycle. As you fight up close and personal --either as a guitar-wielding assassin, languid healer or muscular tank-- the connections make sense. Is it just because no-one thought of it?

That seems unlikely. Is it impossible? F or now, Tucker says the modes they have are deliberately kept simple and familiar so players that jump into the alpha test on 27 June can concentrate on what sets Bleeding Edge apart: the fighting. People want to fight. A nd it is fun. Diving into a match, I choose a support healer Miko and skirt the edges of the battle to heal my teammates, nipping in for quickfire combos with my staff. You have tactical evades to break away from assassin opponents like the samurai Daemon wailing away on you.

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The control point objectives spawn at different times, designed as such to encourage an ebb and flow to a match which encourages 1-on-1 battles all the way up to chaotic team skirmishes. W hile the often divisive DmC is very much a Ninja Theory game, Japanese publisher Capcom was heavily involved in the development. With many of its designers, including supervising director and Devil May Cry veteran Hideaki Itsuno , coming over to England to offer their advice on the game.

I was like a sponge for that knowledge, these guys have been creating combat action games forever.

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T his experience was one of the reasons that Tucker wanted to zone in on combat with Bleeding Edge, while Antionades continues to make games like Hellblade. A nd now that Ninja Theory has been acquired by Microsoft, the Cambridge studio can accelerate its plans to be a multi-team, multi-game studio. It just has to appeal to enough people to be viable. They can all be risk-taking, creative things that we want to make.

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